ADAM GRANO is a Senior Designer at VIZ Media ( and the Art Director at Party Damage Records ( He has designed books for publishers including Zest Books, Dark Horse Comics, Fantagraphics Books, Papercutz, and Slope Editions. He has created illustrations for the Believer, Willamette Week, 826 Seattle, The Vera Project, Payseur & Schmidt, and many others. He looks kinda like this:

"…the most sumptuous realization of my childhood fantasies of what an archival collection might be ever. Special HatsOff to Adam Grano for one of the most beautiful books on my shelves of beautiful books from the 19th century to now."

—Art Spiegelman
Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of Maus

"I'm pretty sure this sort of approach to such material is a first, and if Adam doesn't get nominated and win a bunch of awards for what is genuine genius for his use of materials and conceptualization, then the world isn't a fair place."

—Chris Ware
Creator of Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth